With the 2020 elections, a total of 47 U.S states have legalized marijuana in some way, projecting the market to reach a value of over $35.1B by the year 2025. In the same timeframe, the hemp market is expected to achieve a valuation over $26B.


Longmire Staffing Services offers a solution you may not have considered yet: Agriculture Professionals.


Many of our candidates have experience in a broad range of crops, including hemp. These acquired skills prove both applicable and beneficial to the cannabis industry, helping you staff essential roles within your organization without having to compete with the masses over a limited pool of cannabis-experienced employees. Longmire candidates have degrees across several industry-related fields, including (but not limited to):

  • Agronomy
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Biology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Ag Science
  • Ag Business
  • Ag Engineering
  • Soil Science
  • Plant Science
  • Botany
  • Entomology

Additionally, many of our agriculture candidates are fully integrated, or as we call it in the industry, “farm to fork.” This level of experience and insight means Longmire candidates have you covered with retail management, sales, quality, processing, packaging, manufacturing, inventory management, or any other type of support role you may need help filling.

we're a proven staffing and consulting partner


longmire STAFFING SERVICES is actively working with cannabis companies throughout the u.s.


We have a vetted network of cannabis-experienced candidates waiting to call your business “home.”


A few of the positions we have already placed:

  • Director of Cultivation
  • Senior Manager of Integrated Pest Management
  • Greenhouse Technicians

Our candidates:

  • Director of Cultivation
  • General Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Master Grower
  • Grower
  • Quality Manager

Reach out today for more information. The Longmire Staffing Services team is ready to help you with all of your staffing needs.